Innovation remains a frustrating pursuit for many businesses. You can't keep up by spending months talking and planning. Today it's about strategic 'doing'. Get a 'minimal viable product' in market, learn from it and rework it before it scales. This is about Proof-of-Concept, the best way to clarify objectives, set priorities and help focus the team on market forces (not opinions). Our team will help you to craft a pilot strategy; co-create with startups and other innovators to get answers faster. To scale innovation? You'll want to consider our Innovation Factory approach. Help to categorize your portfolio of ideas, set priorities and create a process for 'lean innovation.



We are innovation scouts! We'll help you figure out the what you need to be thinking about now to get to a better future. In 9 months from now who will lead the pack in Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain or Chatbots?  Which companies are right for investment?  Our Radar Scouting program will help you stay on top of every move in a particular emerging tech industry. We'll help you to create your own point of view and to make key connections to startup partners. The Innovation Scout team will be your own special team of experts to help you learn throughout the year.  We continuously discover and vet companies around the world. We'll find the most relevant up-and-coming startups, industry experts, research and products for your needs.  Our Scorecard uses the same approach as investors to make sure you are working with the best.


There are many ideas but are they good ideas? Will they delight the customer and build lasting relationships?  Design thinking is a non-linear, iterative process that helps you to deeply understand your ideas from the customer's point of view. It will help your team surface unmet needs, generate solutions and provide a platform for test-and-learn iterations that will always drive to a better solution. We provide Design Thinking expertise to help your team though Ideation and Experimentation. Design thinking can be used to create new products or evolve current products. It can be applied to organizational design and leadership. We'll get your team on track with our Design Thinking services.


Every winning team has a playbook and no two are alike. It details the best moves and strategies to lead the team to victory.  An Innovation Playbook focuses your team in a clear direction to successfully drive innovation. It's a guidebook to every aspect of your innovation process. Online, accessible to everyone. Innovation management platforms can be integrated as well. An Innovation Playbook contains process how-to's for ideation, assessing the idea, understanding the financial potential, working with startups, test and learn as well as scale up. For anyone in your enterprise, it answers basic questions such as where to go, what to do and how to move forward, and it enables your organization to keep up with faster, more agile startups who are already changing your game. In short, an Innovation Playbook is essential for your entire business team to scale and win the innovation game.


Innovation does not follow a straight line. Nor does it always fit the talent that you have on hand today. That's why we offer a number of specialty services to fit your exploration at any time. We go beyond strategy and quickly build proof-of-concepts (POCs) as well. Innovation Scout SMEs on emerging technologies engage with clients to super-power their offerings, brands, supply chains and customer innovations. Expertise-as-a-Service offerings range from ideation to proof-of-concept. Examples of our Innovation Lab offerings include: