Voice is a compliment, an accelerator, a streamlined path to efficient interaction.

Voice Enablement across every industry isn’t coming…it is already here. It is the new super-power enabling businesses to get closer to the customer than ever before. Voice springboards a level of real-time customer interaction - influencing decisions while the customer is thinking about the product (perhaps even in the midst of making their purchase). Influencing at point of use, engaging at point of sale or even; creating a queue for later decision - with periodic reminders to keep the customer on the right path – excerpt from Voice-First: Marketing’s New Superpower.

1. Develop actionable Voice & Conversational AI Strategy
Expertise in:
•How VOICE can enhance your existing offerings
•How VOICE can be used for internal processes to streamline workflow, transform mindset and accelerate internal adoption
•How VOICE can provide customer insight for R&D, Digital Supply Chain, Marketing & Sales
•How VOICE can be a key element for your digital transformation strategy - accelerating your company’s profitable growth

The rise of artificial intelligence and computer speed are the key drivers to bring Voice-Enablement to our daily lives. Computational speed allows us to train Recurrent Neural Networks, a class of Artificial Neural Networks that allow an internal state (memory) to process sequences of inputs such as voice, sound and speech recognition – Excerpt from our Voice-First: The EDGE in Voice Innovation

2. Identify & Reshape Ecosystems & Customer Journeys
Expertise in:
•Mapping Current Ecosystem & Current Customer Journeys
•Identifying Start-ups & Digital Giants’ use of emerging technologies to incrementally change or disrupt the marketplace
•Recommend actions and identify partners to combat both incremental and disruptive challenges

Leveraging our RADAR tools and expertise, we identify emerging tech impact on ecosystems, adjacencies, digital supply chains and customer journeys – creating a firm foundation for the ideation, development and launch of new offerings. Here is an example of a combined Ecosystem & Customer Journey in an emerging area of Do-It-Yourself Healthcare.

3. Build Conversational Technologies for Customer Journeys, Engagement & Experience
Expertise in:
•Leveraging the latest standards in products and frameworks
•Fitting VOICE technologies to your company’s existing technology stacks
•Using Voice as a critical accelerator of your omnichannel interactions

“It’s more than just controlling products with your voice. It’s really about adding a layer of intelligence and getting tech products to work in a more integrated fashion into your life.” - Joel Evans, Innovation Scout Voice Practice Leader – Bio below

CASE STUDIES - For Clients
Combining Voice with other emerging technologies to super-power… almost anything

Voice-Enabled Enterprise
Added Artificial Intelligence to Voice, such that CPG client could model Internal & External information - transforming their offerings, organization and accelerating their innovation initiatives

Voice-Enabled Class Room
Work with schools to voice-enable curriculum for access to homework, grades, and course materials

Voice-Enabled Assisted Living
Work with an Assisted Living facility to allow residents voice access to their schedule, events, medication reminders, and direct contact to their loved ones

Voice-Enabled Hospitality
Work with a global hotel chain to implement a virtual concierge allowing guests to order room service, change the room temperature, and turn on and off lights

Voice-Enabled Education
Work with universities and K-12 schools to voice enable access to frequently asked questions, dining menus, events, and more

CASE STUDIES - For Startups

Voice-Enabled Healthcare
Work with start-ups in Healthcare to define Voice Engagement skills for the Healthcare end-consumer – see Voice-First: Accelerating Growth in a Voice-Driven Environment

  • Voice-Enabled Manufacturing
    Industrial Safety: Voice technology is extremely effective in the area of industrial safety. It inherently removes the need to use your eyes to look at a handheld scanner, ensuring workers’ heads are up with eyes focused on the task at hand and not distracted by reference to a screen or handling a scanner.
  • Voicewear: Working with start-ups using voice tech integrated with apparel called “voicewear”. Voicewear removes the need for a headset - a distraction for workers. Think of this as Hands-free, eyes-free and head set-free. An optimum solution in worker efficiency and safety
“It’s more than just controlling products with your voice. It’s really about adding a layer of intelligence and getting tech products to work in a more integrated fashion into your life.” Joel Evans, Voice Practice Leader