Open Innovation to Leverage Entrepreneurial Minds

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What is the problem? Corporations are very much at home with incremental innovation – often defined as ‘better sameness’. But disruptive innovation, i.e.; changing the playing field, is generally a bridge too far. Start-ups live at the edge. Disruptive innovation is their game. They have a flattened hierarchy and a shortened decision cycle. They focus on products versus process and view their organization as a ‘greenfield’; i.e.; not constrained by legacy people, process or technologies. The end result: speed to market of minimum viable products (MVPs). MVP comes with ‘build-test-iterate’ cycles that don’t wait for approvals or annual planning sessions. […]

Innovation Moves Faster with Startup Thinking

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We founded The Innovation Scout because we know how hard it is to succeed at innovation inside of a large company. Getting ideas is not necessarily the difficult part. It’s about finding strong, relevant solutions fast enough to make a difference in your market. It’s about discovering what is possible, testing with customers, building lean prototypes and getting to market fast. That’s reflects what a startup does. You don’t need to be a startup, but you can learn from them, use their roadmap and get moving faster by collaborating with them. At the Innovation Scout we are all about helping […]

6 Tech Trends Every Innovation Exec Needs to Follow in 2017

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Everyone seems to have a tech trends list for 2017. We are different.  Hyper focused on how the most interesting Startups are moving the needle, we’ll dive deep on these topics throughout the year. Our bi-monthly newsletter (shameless newsletter signup plug) will cover these topics and more.  Startups that look to change your business and the world especially in the 2 to 5 year range is our sweet-spot. Our mission: deliver startup info in a context that is immediately usable to your business goals and priorities. These trends and the startups that help to define them, are bringing applications to […]

5 Reasons Why Startups Are Your Most Important Innovation Partner: Open Innovation

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Open innovation is a distributed, more participatory, and decentralized approach to innovation.  The underlying case for open innovation is the fact that no company, no matter how capable or how big, could innovate effectively all on its own.  This is because of the wide distribution of knowledge and research.  Startups can take advantage of this distribution and create an “idea-tester” environment rather quickly.  There aren’t many barriers for entrepreneurs to get a company up and going.  The cycle for building and testing ideas is faster. The cost of this testing activity from startups is rather low.  This is why we […]