Proof of Concept

Prove It Before Investing In It

When you are trying to decide if an idea is valid and worthy of being turned in to reality you want to create a "Proof-Of-Concept".  This is the minimal viable product or service that you can test with customers. The proof of concept will use new technologies or enhanced business models to test if an idea can really take off. It will show you the road map of what it will take to fully build out a new offering. A Proof-of-concept is a smart way to go. We can build a new offering relatively fast with small budgets.

Today’s Proof of concept projects are co-created with appropriate vendors including startups or other digital providers. This collaboration leverages the strength of both inside and outside resources; sparking the ability for innovation@scale.

proof of concept

Benefits of a Proof of Concept

Find the obstacles

There are things about a product implementation that are unknowable until you get in to the process of building. If you are working with emerging technologies, there may be unknown issues with integrations involving other aspects of your enterprise. Once you know what the issues are, you can find the best pathways to scale the idea. It's far less expensive to find the problems early.

Understand Customer Uptake

The best way to build a new offering is to co-create it with your customers. Creating a POC, in advance of the minimal viable application is the best way to show them your idea, get their feedback and work to create a better product. The most important question- Is it going to be worth your company's time and investment to build this new capability? A Proof of Concept is the fastest, most cost-efficient way to find out.

Get key information to inform your budget

Platforms and applications can be built faster than ever. That’s because tools offered by major cloud providers, leveraging the know-how of startups that are already down a path, accelerate the journey. Before you commit huge budgets for this project, let us help you find out what the costs will actually be. A Proof of Concept will get you the information you need to build a business plan with accuracy.

Find out if the idea can scale

There are many aspects of a new offering that can complicate scaling it across the enterprise and around the world. A Proof of Concept will help you sort through the details and build a workable plan to scale. From hardware logistics to training and even to get past language constraints, creating the proof will uncover the issues you need to deal with in advance of taking your idea to the world.