Innovation Playbooks

Does Your Team Know How to Win at Innovation?

Every winning team has a playbook and no two are alike. It details the best moves and strategies to lead the team to victory. An Innovation Playbook focuses your team on a clear path, gets everyone on the same page for innovation.

This Ain't Your Father's  'Powerpoint Deckware'

We build an interactive online, responsive Playbook.  Something that everyone can actually use!

An Innovation Playbook contains process workflows, 'How-To' explanations, forms and templates for team members to get things moving. It answers basic questions such as where to go, what to do and how to move forward.

Do you have an Innovation Process platform?  That can be integrated in to the playbook too.

Want to let everyone know how your company works with Startup companies?  The playbook will give them the answer and help them to tell you about an interesting company they think you should meet.

Playbook Benefits

Move Innovation Faster:

Because everyone knows what to do with ideas, where to go to find case studies and how to move their idea forward.

Makes Innovation Scalable:

It delivers a manageable process to run parallel projects for many ideas and across business units.

Automation Makes Us Faster and Smarter

Use automation to ensure your team uses the same steps and accesses the same resources anytime, anywhere. Our innovation Scout Platform, Playbook and Chatbot will help to scale your playbook.

It's Dynamic

Innovation process will not progress based on a snapshot in time. As your ecosystem changes, so must the playbook be agile to include new capabilities.

It’s Agile:

Working at the speed of the Innovation Marketplace... Your Team needs to move that fast!