Use AI to Find the Innovators

We use machine learning and natural language processing to match your business challenges or topics to consider and connect with startups, university IP and relevant accelerators/incubators.

The Global Innovation Marketplace changes every minute. With over 1.78M tech startups entering the market each year, it's impossible to follow the most important companies without the help of Artificial Intelligence.

Google isn't going to get you to answers quickly when it comes to knowing the best startups or innovations to connect to. This is why we built The Innovation Scout. It's like MATCH.COM for Startups and big companies.

The Innovation Scout will help you to find and connect with important startups working in areas that will be strategic to your future business.

Need to know best new Augmented Reality solutions?

Want to understand how Blockchain might work in your offering?

Who's leading the charge in manufacturing robotics or Internet of Things for the Shop Floor?

These are the types of questions that can be quickly answered using the platform.

Do It Yourself or We'll Do It For You

Doing innovation right these days means working beyond your own your corporate walls. New companies and ideas are being launched every day. Who has time to make sure you find the best open innovation partners?  The Innovation Scout Platform will get you working with companies that will bring new ideas, new markets and new technologies.  Waiting for solutions to come from R&D or new product group won't help you win in the market this year. Finding available solutions now will get you in the game fast.

Source Companies to participate in your Corporate Accelerator

Many businesses are funding Accelerators or Incubators to help find answers. Others are placing bets with venture investments. Our Scout Innovation Platform will help you with those efforts as well.  You will quickly understand all of the potential startups that can participate in your challenge or cohort. We can help you with our outreach service. You'll get the satisfaction of knowing that any company worthy of your time was reached.  Request a Demo Now.

Our customers get personal service from our experienced team to help you set up your Innovation Profiles and start finding key matches. Get a Demo!

We are happy to demo our platform at any time. Give us 15 minutes and you'll see how your team can scout the world for startups and university research.

Innovation Scout Customers Get It All

  • Annual Subscription for you and your team to collaborate
  • Access to "Scorecard" area to assess each startup or innovation
  • Lists and introductions to relevant Startups
  • Historical view of all contact information with startups
  • News and social connections with your relevant startups