Proof-of-Concept Sprint – Innovation Scout launches it’s new POC Sprint offer. Leveraging our machine learning, continuous scanning innovation platform; the Innovation Scout can rapidly find the right emerging tech, digital leaders & start-ups to accelerate your offering from idea to MVP. With POC, simply present our SWAT team with a business idea that you would like to test. This could be a new product, service or operations initiative. Instead of taking months (or years) to develop a massive solution, the Innovation Scout builds a ‘proof-of-concept’ within 90 working days, (in most cases), testing with customers along the way.

Radar – announcing launch of our new Radar Concierge Scouting offer.  A continuous scan of emerging tech, digital leaders & start-ups; custom-focused on select industries. RADAR identifies emerging tech impact on ecosystems, adjacencies, digital supply chains and customer journeys – creating a firm foundation for the ideation, development and launch of new offerings. Leveraging our Radar, Playbook & Scouting Tools (for Data, Voice, Wearables, AI, 5G, etc.), we have the art and science to find solutions that achieve innovation @ scale.