Insight and Skills for Corporate Intrapreneurs

Education is the key to innovation success in your organization.

Innovation continues to be a challenge for corporate enterprise. With all the time, effort and resources spent, nearly three-quarters of businesses admit that they are not out-innovating their competitors.   Companies have tried many strategies to connect their employees with Innovation.  They are learning that Innovation cannot be done as an "add-on".  Innovation must become a 'cultural norm' in the company.

Leaders have learned that their entire organization needs to be adapted for innovation. That's where Education comes in...easy to access and experiential.

As a solution to this challenge, we have launched a series of ‘how-to’ innovation training modules focused on: scouting, design thinking, proof-of-concept and becoming more Entrepreneurial.

Who is this for: Not just "Innovation Teams"! This is for all Employees, managers and executives

What is the Experience? In-person workshops tailored to the specific needs of your team

Why do it?  These courses will shift mindset. They will give your team a new framework as they learn how to deliver ROI from Innovation activities. We will get your team excited about Innovation, and give them a pathway to work smarter.

Active Courses include pitch competitions, Proof of Concept exercises and Idea selection

Available Courses

Introduction, Mindshift and Insight - General Courses

  • Why business as usual can’t work anymore (Keynote Session)
  • Think & Do like an entrepreneur (Pitch Like a startup ‘TechStar’)
  • Meet the new Co-creation Partners/Competitors – introduction to Innovation Scouting
  • Managing relationships with Startups, co-creation or learning opportunity
  • Leveraging Emerging Technologies – thinking with the future in mind means understanding what will be available
  • Inventors Series – up close and personal with inventors, understanding how they think, tailored to your industry
  • Assessing Product Ideas – how to decide if a product should move forward
  • Finding market – Working lean, how to test, learn and co-create with your target market. It doesn't need to be expensive
  • Accelerators – Selecting the right ones to work with and getting ROI from your efforts

Communicating Ideas, Getting Attention in the Enterprise

Ideation and Design Thinking - How and where to get ideas that matter. We take the team on a journey using Design Thinking techniques to work on a meaningful problem and come back with a 'portfolio' of ideas that can be tested.

Business Model Canvas - We take your team through an "Innovation" canvas session to lay the foundations of what could be a next important idea. We work on any idea, any 'Horizon' (H1, H2, H3). At the end of the session your team will have a model to move forward and a method to continue to assess ideas using the Business Model Canvas.

Proof-Of-Concept for rapid testing - Once you have an idea it's time to consider if it can happen and how to make it happen. One of the best ways to communicate how your idea will work is to show people. We will show your team how to build Proof-of-Concepts for their Ideas. We use a suite of readily available (and inexpensive) tools and platforms to create a POC that helps to communicate the "What" and "How" to bring the idea to reality.

Pitching Like an Entrepreneur - This workshop will take your team through the 12 slides that are essential in order to pitch a business idea to an investor. The pitch inside of a corporation is essentially a clear, concise means to communicate a business idea together with the business plan to get it done.  A corporate favorite, our Pitch Like an Entrepreneur class will get the team working faster and with less frustration when it comes to getting their ideas heard.

Innovation Scouting – finding the right outside resources to fill gaps and leverage emerging technologies has become an important function inside of the most forward thinking corporations. This class gives your team the best methods to scout for innovation. We'll give you access to The Innovation Scout platform, show you how to find and filter innovations that matter. We will also cover how to assess startups and other innovations as they relate to a problem or challenge you are trying to solve.