Data Services

We're a Data Company First

Because Artificial Intelligence is at our core, we understand how important data is to your company. We have Data Science and Machine Learning in our DNA and we can offer that same capability to your company.  We understand the issues of reconciling data across the enterprise.  Creating a data framework that will enable machine learning to deliver new insights. In addition, enhancing your data with social feed insights or behavior will help you see your customers in entirely new ways.  We can be your Data Science team to help with such things as Customer Segmentation, Commerce/Store Location Optimization, Customer Churn, Geo-location Optimization.

Ask how we can work with your enterprise data to create useful views, enrich to gain important insights and use machine learning to let your data tell you what it knows!

"The World is one big Data problem" 

-Andrew McAfee, Co-Director MIT Initiative Digital Economy

Acquire & Enrich

You may not have all of the data you need to do the analysis that will get your company to the next level. That's where we come in. Whether you want to build a machine learning application or want to understand your customers in a completely new way, data enrichment is all part of our process. We'll enhance, refine and enrich your data either by using our vast source or we can acquire the right data on your behalf. It's about using your data to build a new kind of intelligence for your company.

Manage & Optimize

Most of the value of your data may be lost in data sets that are housed across your enterprise. Do you have silos of data that never get to be connected? Getting your enterprise data set to deliver key insights is core to our offering. Structured, unstructured or partially structured, we can handle all of it.  Optimization helps to create a total picture of your customer, understand trends and get important operations or supply chain insights. We'll help you to get a data strategy in place, understand where data enhancements will help you to learn new things and solve your toughest business challenges.

Analytics & Insights

All data work should lead to the application of analytics and interpretation of the results. The discovery of trends and patterns in your data will breath new life in to your business. We can build visual models to help your team gain understanding quickly. Data Analytics can help you to find new paths to revenue, acquisition of new customers, improving supply chain efficiency, and gain a competitive edge over your rivals.