Corporate Ventures: Deal Flow

Are you charged with driving outside-in innovation for your company by finding and investing in the most promising startups?

If you're part of a corporate venture group, you continually live at the ‘edge of new’. You have to filter through all kinds of promising start-ups. You have to balance inside R&D with outside bets. You need to build a portfolio of innovations that will set your company apart while delivering a solid return on investment. This is where The Innovation Scout (TIS) lives as well.

A Deal-Flow, Pipeline-Filling Scouting Service

TIS has developed a powerful service for corporate venture groups and other innovation-focused investors called ‘Radar’. You tell us about your requirements, we'll curate, assess, report and introduce you to relevant startups each quarter. You won't miss an opportunity because we are scouting the globe (leveraging a range of AI – Machine Learning Apps) to fill your pipeline. We are connected to 100's of accelerators, regional innovation hubs, universities and 650,000+ start-ups around the world. Let us show you how rapidly we can source, filter and supply deal flow for your CVC organization.