Augmented Reality Changing Manufacturing Forever

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Manufacturing and the shop floor are undergoing a radical evolution. A popular game, PokemonGo, is pushing adoption and understanding of augmented reality AR for fun. Manufacturing is about to explode with augmented reality programs that will change business forever.By now most are aware of how 3-D printing is changing manufacturing.  It’s simple to produce anything from plastic parts to structural Titanium based jet engine components. Getting from design to actual physical product has never been easier.  Augmented Reality (AR) is equally pushing a new frontier for manufacturing.Some of the most important innovations changing the manufacturing floor have to do with […]

Why Would a Corporation Want to Work with Startups? Open Innovation

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As a successful business, it’s difficult to take the time to ‘study’ the trends and consider how best to evolve your products and services. You need sources outside of your company to help you to assess trends and new models. Sometimes new ways are the best ways. But how do you get a front row seat to a rapidly changing business climate? How can you edge out the competition by getting the jump on a new way to approach customers?  Open Innovation may be the answer. A growing number of corporations are creating direct relationships with startups because this is […]

5 Things Businesses Can Learn from Entrepreneurs

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Mature businesses generally have an aversion to risk. We get it. They are at the top of their game because they have been excellent at scaling a proven business model, building complex processes and getting teams to ‘line up’. For mature businesses it’s about executing on a well-defined business model. When creating or growing your business budget can become tight and you might find useful to read this post which has some tips on how manage your business expenses. The overwhelming momentum of these organizations pushes hard against risky innovation. This is what entrepreneurs do well. Solve a problem in […]

Innovation: Ideas From Above

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I participated in a Lean Startup class at Harvard earlier this year. It was eye opening to say the least.   The class got down to the business of innovation quickly. We learned how to manage a full cycle of lean activities by ‘doing’. Less talking more doing! First we defined some problems worthy of solving, then we voted on the best problems to solve. From there we came up with as many innovative solutions as possible. We defined our potential business models and pricing schemes. Up against tight timeframes, we thought we had developed some worthy innovations during this process. […]

What Is Innovation?

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When creativity meets a problem we call this innovation. Simply said, the practice of innovation can result in new products, processes even new lines of business. I might argue that the term ‘innovation’ is overused today. However for business and dare I say, the future of humanity innovation is a core, essential activity. To put it in to perspective, innovation needs to be a movement inside of your company if you hope to survive the long term. The pace of technological advances combined with a digitally connected world have laid the foundation for innovation to occur at a faster pace […]