Overlay Reality and Change Your Business: Augmented Reality Takes Off

Trend: Physical and Digital Worlds Continue to Merge

Why should you care about this?  It’s reaching critical mass in 2017.

Layering digital information on our physical world is ready for prime time. Augmented Reality is being used by manufacturers to find problems on the shop floor, by retailers to sell more and by education leaders to deliver better training solutions. Augmented reality (AR) decreases product modeling time and costs. It changes the game for equipment failure response time. Even jet engines are easily diagnosed and fixed with augmented reality views. From healthcare applications to entertainment, Augmented Reality is a topic you should explore now.

Augmented Reality – We’re Talking to YOU Pikachu!

AR is a live direct view of your surroundings with digital information layered on to it. This is what makes ‘augmented’ different than ‘virtual’ reality. Virtual reality creates an entirely new environment.

Context is everything. Digital information should be useful based on where you are and what you are doing. Therefore, any digital data can be included: sound, video, graphics, geo data – anything that enhances the real world you are experiencing.

If you’ve played Pokemon Go you’ve augmented your reality already.

Imagine watching a live sporting event and being able hold up your mobile device to see the names and stats layered on a player in real time (hey I just made that up). Truth is AR is used in televised football now to show you where the 1st down marker is on the field via TV.

AR is exploding especially in the manufacturing sector where equipment can be ‘augmented’ with real time information. Don’t worry about fancy head gear – this is all happening with your tablet and phone display. Even Mr. Zuckerberg thinks that this is the time.

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Meanwhile…here are a few interesting Augmented Reality startups to watch:

Magic Leap

Check them out here: https://www.magicleap.com

What’s important about Magic Leap? We aren’t completely sure yet because they have been very stealthy. But in 2016 CEO Rony Abovitz announced a program that would let 10 outside developers come work with Magic Leap devices. Somebody must know because they’ve raised $1.39B (yes that’s $B!). Visit their website you can get a sense of what they are up to. They have developed what the company calls a “mixed reality lightfield” — a form of eye wear that allows for incredibly realistic hologram-like images. Also different that this is all happening in an nondescript office park in Florida not Silicon Valley.  How will widespread, inexpensive virtual reality experiences change the way you do business?


Check them out here: https://www.pair3d.com

This 500 Startup backed team claims to have the leading augmented reality Commerce Platform. You can create immersive 3D Catalogs or prototype your 3-D designs before you print them. Use this technology to connect with customers in a new way, save on manufacturing expense and even use this for new training implementations. Techcrunch named them as one of their favorite startups from their recent 500 Startup sessions.Customers are very open to using new technologies if they are seamless and easy. If this tool proves to get you more customers with a 3-D catalog it will be a winner.


Check them out here: https://www.augmedix.com/

Ever wonder if your doctor can remember who you are, no less recall the broken ankle you had last year? Today a folder of paper is the answer and they have to sort through it. Augmedix aims to fix this problem. They work as an aid to the doctor in real time. They help them do a better job with patient interactions and ongoing patient record keeping. This saves time as well as makes interacting with physicians a far better experience for all of us. Why should you care? Today you can interact with customers (and patients) in a whole new way. Overlay of information makes the interaction more significant and likely quicker to outcome with less potential for errors.

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