"It's like having my own personal emerging technology advisory group"   - Dana, CPG Company

About The RADAR Program

In 9 months from now who will lead the pack in Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain or Chatbots?

Are there companies you should be testing with now?

Which companies are right for investment?

We have the program that will keep your team on top of the companies that will matter.

The RADAR program will help you stay on top of every move in a particular emerging tech industry each step of the way. Helping you to create your own point of view and to make key connections to potential startup partners. The Innovation Scout team will be your own special team of experts to help you throughout the year.

Discovery & Curation

We find the best, most relevant up-and-coming startups, industry experts, research and products.  We'll assess each startup to meet your special requirements. Our Scorecard uses the same approach as investors to make sure you are working with the best.

You get access to our hand selected participants to ask questions, send ideas or learn how they believe the trend lines will move. Any time during the year! It's your year-round 'sounding board' as well as the best way to keep on top of those making the biggest moves an affecting your industry.

Why are we so good at scouting these stars of an industry?  It's our platform!  Using artificial intelligence and big data we find the best matches to any emerging technology or business model.

The RADAR Program

* Custom Report on the Technology/Market/Key Players

* Customer Journey Map - Startup Activities to understand how your market is getting disrupted

* Custom Assessment Survey and connect with each startup to create a Scorecard

* Startup discovery from around the world or specified regions - introduction the Startup's senior management

* Access to the Innovation Scout Platform - Where curated startup data can be accessed globally; 24/7

* Quarterly "Refresh"  keeping your business and innovation executives on the edge of incremental and disruptive change, as well as potential opportunities in new adjacencies

* Monthly call with a Senior Analyst to discuss the landscape and individual companies

You need a RADAR to help your team stay on top.  Understand what is happening, why it’s happening and what you can do about it. The RADAR Program is the only way to get real-time information directly from a curated community of experts: Startups and experts working in that industry or technology.