The Innovation Playbook

Are you winning at innovation?

Every winning team has a playbook and no two are alike. It details the best moves and strategies to lead the team to victory. In much the same way an Innovation Playbook focuses your business team in a clear direction that successfully drives innovation.

An Innovation Playbook contains cultural values, process workflows, standard operating procedures, and educational components. It answers basic questions such as where to go, what to do and how to move forward, and it enables your organization to keep up with faster, more agile startups who are already changing your game.

In short, an Innovation Playbook is essential for your entire business team to scale and win the innovation game.

Does your team have a common ground on which to approach innovation?

  • Is there confusion about how to start an innovation project?
  • Do you have an AI platform to rapidly access startups, perform scouting and research?
  • Is there a place to go for innovation training, coaching and immersion sessions?
  • Do you want access to framework that helps your team leverage emerging technologies?
  • Does your team have access to funding, crowdsourcing, and other allocated pools of capital?
  • Does your team have the latest insights on how emerging technologies like AI and
  • Blockchain will change your business?

An Innovation Playbook is your answer to manage innovation at scale within your company.

Looking to Create an Innovation Playbook?

What are other benefits of an Innovation Playbook?

Move Innovation Faster:

A repeatable approach with agile processing and the latest in Lean Innovation techniques.


A manageable process to run parallel projects for many ideas and business units.


Use automation to ensure your team uses the same steps and accesses the same resources anytime, anywhere. Our innovation Scout Platform, Chatbot and App will help to scale your playbook.

It’s Dynamic:

Innovation process will not progress based on a snapshot in time. As your ecosystem changes, so must the playbook be agile to include new capabilities.

It’s Agile:

Working at the speed of the Innovation Marketplace.

Your Innovation Playbook is the roadmap for new product teams to identify, share and work through how your business will leverage innovation.

How does the Innovation Scout Playbook work for you?

Utilization of the Innovation Scout Playbook is implemented as an easily distributed app that accommodates question using AI Chatbot technology. It enables an instant Reference Architecture for:

Innovation Ideas   *   Processes   *   Tools   *   Resources   *   Status and more



The Innovation Scout Playbook