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Ideas are the oxygen of innovation. Often ideas get 'stuck'. If they aren't addressed soon they get stale. The market has moved beyond that idea or a competitor has already beat you to the punch. Our Innovation Factory approach will help you take ideas to decision is less time.

“If you double the number of experiments you do per year you’re going to double your inventiveness."    - Jeff Bezos

Why a factory approach?

Innovation needs a factory. If you aren’t moving fast enough, you will lose the race. You need more experiments but not more cost! Today ‘innovation’ work  is done ‘by hand’.  Gathering ideas, scouting for solutions by attending events or networking. Then there is the process to build and test market ideas. If you are working at the ‘speed of humans’ you are going far too slow to keep pace with rapidly changing markets.

Our platform and methods will cut the cost of experimentation.

There is an answer. New technologies that can take over parts of the innovation process to immediately create the necessary efficiencies of your innovation output. These new technologies open up the ability to source a much larger global data set of innovations (the raw materials) to create a deeper understanding of your possibilities. Big Data combined with Machine Learning are part of the new innovation toolset that will help you to scout beyond your immediate network. Today, you can develop faster connections with prospective customers using market tools such as: crowdsourcing, social media and search marketing. Market tests can be done in hours not days, and at a much lower cost than the in-person test market of the ‘old days’

Our Fast Track to Innovation is a 12-week program that will take your team from idea to solution fast. We start by working with you to define a focused project or challenge. Our innovation services use the Scout Innovation Canvas to define projects that are well suited for Fast Track. Next, we scout for solution partners that 'fit' your project and complete a deep-dive assessment of each company. Your team participates in this process the whole way. At the end of the program, you will have 1-3 innovation partners to work with and a plan for a pilot initiative.  We will tailor a Fast Track program for your specific needs. Perhaps you already have a project defined and only need Innovation Scouting and Assessment. We fit our Fast Track innovation services to fit your specific needs.

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