Our Innovation Platform is Special

techstuffDoing innovation right these days means working beyond your own your corporate walls. New companies and ideas are being launched every day. Who has time to make sure you find the best open innovation partners?  You need an innovation platform that will make certain that you discover the best potential partners for your business goals and priorities. Our Scout Innovation Platform gets you working with companies that will bring new ideas, new markets and new technologies to your company faster and more efficiently than just bubbling ideas up from the inside.

Many businesses are funding Accelerators or Incubators to help find answers. Others are placing bets with venture investments. Our Scout Innovation Platform will help you with those efforts as well. If you don't have your own accelerator? Don't worry you can create your own special cohort of startup businesses right here using the Scout Innovation Platform.  We use machine learning and big data to find startups and other innovations to got a way to get you working with the best startups out there to help your business grow and get the edge on your competition with far less time than running an Accelerator.

The Innovation Scout will help you to find and connect with important startups working in areas that will be strategic to your future business.  Our customers get the edge- now

Need to know best new Augmented Reality solutions?
Want to understand how Blockchain and new forms of currency will affect your business?
Want to run a pilot to test a new product in a completely new market?
Startups will help you get in the know quickly and far more cost-efficiently than doing it yourself

Innovation Scout Customers Get It All


  • Access to our portal and the ability to help define the future with us
  • Lists and introductions to relevant Startups for your first project
  • Executive Innovation Survey
  • News and social connections with your relevant startups

Our customers get personal service from our experienced team to help you set up your Innovation Profiles and start finding key matches. Get a Demo!

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