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The Innovation Factory


Markets are changing fast. 

New technologies are creating a flow of new business models.

How will you keep up?

The Innovation Factory is a process and platform to get your innovation efforts on track.

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The Innovation Factory

Doing Innovation the "Old" Way Simply Won't Work Anymore...

What is needed in today’s internet-speed environment is people who can turn ideas directly into customer-focused solutions. Solutions that fit within both the incremental improvement portfolio and the disruption innovations portfolio.

Do you have trouble working solutions cross-business lines?

Is Innovation Governance understood at your company?

Do you have a method to process 'ideas' in order to move innovation faster?

The Innovation Scout provides artificial intelligence tools, big data and a strategic Innovation Factory program to help corporations deliver measurable value from their innovation initiatives. We provide a SaaS platform, powered by machine learning and natural language processing, to match and manage business solutions and partners. Our Fast Track program helps corporations to implement a scalable, lean Innovation Factory that will dramatically increase innovation efficacy - speeding decisions, new product development and market traction plans.

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