The Innovation Scout is a SaaS platform to discover, engage, assess and manage open innovation partners. Innovation Factory is a Lean Innovation service to accelerate your innovation process from idea to scale. Artificial Intelligence enhances the innovation process with open partner matching and market analysis.

Our Solutions

Fast Track

  • A three-module process to launching your solution. First, we focus your challenge.  Next, we scout for the best possible startup partners to solve your challenge. Last, we run a pitch day with your executive team and finalize the selection. In 12 weeks you are poised to launch.

Scout Platform

  • A complete SaaS solution to discover, assess and manage startup and other open partners. We use artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data and a natural language interface to match your challenges to the right entrepreneurial partner.

Custom Scouting

  • We offer a wide range of Bots to continuously search the globe for solutions. ScoutBot, an automated scout to find startups, AlertBot to get notice of competitor’s actions, ExecBot to educate your team on emerging technologies and trends.
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The Innovation Scout

icon_cloudDoing innovation right these days means working beyond your own corporate walls. Open innovation gets you working with companies that will bring new ideas, new markets and new technologies to your company faster and more efficiently than just bubbling ideas up from the inside. Many businesses are funding Accelerators or Incubators to help find answers. We’ve got a way to get you working with the best startups out there to help your business grow and get the edge on your competition with far less time than running an Accelerator.

The Innovation Scout will help you to find and connect with important startups working in areas that will be strategic to your future business.